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Is Your Job Affecting Your Swing - Part 1

Hi everyone,

Today I would like to focus on work postures and activities.

Unfortunately, most of us work jobs that involve sustained postures and positions. This is most commonly due to seated desk work and long periods driving, which can affect your set up posture and swing.

When addressing the ball it is important to have the spine in a neutral position with a flat upper back and shoulder blades pulled back. In order to achieve this position a certain amount of flexibility is needed throughout the thoracic spine and chest muscles. The movement in this region is often compromised by slouched sitting postures over a long period of time and golfers without this flexibility often have a round back while addressing the ball.

The 'Seated Wall Slide' is a simple test you can perform on yourself to see if you have appropriate movement in these areas.

While sitting cross-legged with your lower back flat on the wall, bring your arms up to your side so that your shoulders and elbows are both bent to 90 degrees. Attempt to place both arms, including your wrist, completely flat on the wall. Slide both arms along the wall above your head and then back down to the starting position. Ensure your arms stay flat against the wall throughout this motion.

If you have any difficulty performing this activity you most likely have limited upper back flexibility. This may be affecting your ability to address the ball in a correct posture. Lack of flexibility will also reduce your length of back swing, which in turns reduces swing speed.

If you are able to perform the seated wall slide it can be used as an exercise to maintain flexibility and a great pre-match warm up exercise/stretch. I hope that helps.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send me an email on the contact page.


**please consult a medical professional before performing if you have any medical concerns**

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