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Is Your Job Affecting Your Swing - Part 2

Hi everyone,

In Part 1 we discussed how sitting based jobs can alter your posture of your upper back. Now I would like to talk about how it can affect your hips/pelvis.

When you are seated your hips are in a flexed position (knees closer to chest than in standing which is neutral). With sustained sitting at work our Hip Flexor muscles tighten with time as they are held in a shortened position.

Tight Hip Flexors will limit your ability to get to a full follow through position. This will cause your swing to have a limited turn through your lower body leading to compensations where the arms overswing. This problem is often compounded by lack of rotation in the lower back (Lumbar spine). The most common manifestation is an inconsistent swing that is usually a slice.

For those of you that work in sitting it is important to incorporate Hip Flexor stretching as part of a regular stretching routine.

If you refer to the photo this stretch is very effective at reducing tightness in the hip flexors. This will also be useful to add to your pre-match warm up.

If you have any questions please send me an email on the contact page.


**please consult a medical professional before commencing any stretches if you have health concerns**

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