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Our Services

Perth Golf Physio

All forms of treatment are eligible to be covered by your pre-existing private health insurance

Injury Management

I provide physiotherapy treatment for golfers suffering pain before, during and/or after your round of golf.  With use of a physical screening and video analysis we are able to determine the cause of your pain.



Physical Screening

Involves a whole body assessment that is a series of physical tests developed by Titleist Performance Institute to assess your ability to physically perform the ideal golf swing.  The ideal swing requires a certain amount of flexibility, stability, strength and balance. The physical screen will assess where you are excelling and where you need improvement.



Injury Prevention

With the physical screening and video analysis I am able to verify your body and swing are functioning in a safe manner to ensure you pain free golf for years to come.



Performance Enhancement

Exercises and stretches are prescribed for home to improve areas identified as weaknesses in the physical screening.  As these improve so will your ability to perform the ideal golf swing.  Once you are able to pass all aspects of the physical screen focus shifts to improving your golf fitness and power through rotational plyometric exercises, strength training, cardiovascular fitness and power training.


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